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CITES CertificatesCITES Certificates

Guided to Apply for CTES Certificates

1. For New Application

    Document Needed:

  Application Form CITES/FDS/1 (click to direct download form)
-  Photocopy of Identification Card 
-  Original Import/Export/Permit/Licenses (Ramin Sawntimber/Wildlife /Plant)
-  Original copy of Phytosanitary Certificate for Export/Re-Export(if applicable) - to be returned to applican 
-  Original copy of Certificate of Country of Origin (COO) (to be returned to applicant)


-  Original copy of license to propagate protected of wild plant for commercial purposes. (rule 3) (to be returned to applicant)
-  Original copy of license to collect, cultivate, or sell a protected plant or part or derivative. (rule 3) (to be returned to applicant)
-  Original copy of license to export any other protected wild plant. (rule 27(1)(b))  (to be returned to applicant)
-  Original copy of license to export any cultivated or artificial propagated wild plant. (rule 27(1)(b)) (to be returned to applicant)


-   Original copy of Health Certificate - to be returned to applicant
-  Original copy of Import Permit from the Agriculture Department (to be returned to applicant)
-  Original copy of Permit to Export Totally Protected animal or plant. (rule 26) (to be returned to applicant)
Original copy for wild animal farm (to be returned to applicant)
-  Original copy of commercial wild animal farm (to be returned to applicant)

2. For Renewal Application

    Doceument Needed:



When all document has been completed, form can be send to
For More Details, Please kindly contact:

Licensing Unit
Nature Conservation and Constitution Division
Forest Department HQ
1st Floor Bangunan Wisma Sumber Alam,
Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya
93660 Kuching

Contact No: 082 - 319228
Fax No: 082 - 441702