Totally PA_Flat-Headed Cat (Felis planiceps)Totally PA_Flat-Headed Cat (Felis planiceps)

Flat-Headed Cat (Felis planiceps)

Family: FELIDAEPicture

All the Bornean wild cat species are basically similar to the domestic cat in body form and have 28-30 teeth. They are distinguished mainly by size, tail length and coloration. All cats have four toes on the hind feet and five on the front feet, but the inner front toe is small and leaves no impression on the ground. The claws are retractile, and do not appear in footprints. There is no definite evidence that either the Tiger, Panthera tigris, or the Leopard, Panthera pardus, occur in Borneo.

Measurements: HB 446-505, T 130-170 (27-34% of HB), HF 95-107 (6 specimens).

Identification: Appears brownish at a distance, but hair of upperparts brown with fine grey and pale buff speckling. Chin and chest white. Ears small; top of head long and flattened.

Similar species: the Bay Cat, F. badia, has a relatively long tail and lacks white on the chin and chest; the Otter-Civet, Cynogale bennettii, is darker and has a very broad muzzle.

Ecology and Habitat: Nocturnal and terrestrial. Probably feeds mainly on fish. Occurs in tall and secondary forests.

Distribution: Borneo - Recorded from many parts of Sarawak.