Totally PA_Grey/Silver Wood-Pigeon (Columba argentina)Totally PA_Grey/Silver Wood-Pigeon (Columba argentina)

Grey/Silver Wood-Pigeon (Columba argentina)

Family: COLUMBIDAEPicture

The large, worldwide family of pigeons feeds predominantly on fruits, seeds, and berries, and all have rather compact, plump bodies and short, stout bills. They nest on flimsy twig platform nests, laying white eggs. Calls are repetitive, melodious coos, and in flight pigeons make a characteristic flapping noise. Thirty species occur in the Greater Sundas, comprising three species groups.

  1. Fruit-doves and green-pigeons - (Terron, Ptilinopus) - smaller, arboreal birds with generally brightly coloured plumage without metallic colours.
  2. Imperial pigeons - (Ducula, Columba) - large, arboreal birds with metallic sheen in the plumage and generally with grey or whitish underparts.
  3. Ground doves - (Macropygia, Streptopelia, Geopelia, Chalcophaps and Caloen'as) - birds which regularly visit the ground and have either highly iridescent, greenish upperparts, or drab, reddish brown colours.

Description: Large (40 cm), pale grey pigeon with black wings and tail and greyish underparts. Distinguished from Pied Imperial-Pigeon by grey (rather than white) upperparts, completely black terminal half of tail, and red eye-ring.

Iris -brown; bare eye-ring - dark red; bill - pale green with red base; feet - red.

Voice: No information.

Range: E Sumatra, Riau archipelago, and N Borneo.

Habits: Lives on small islands where it is rare due to deforestation. Sometimes mixes with Pied Imperial-Pigeons.