Totally PA_Straw-headed Bulbul Totally PA_Straw-headed Bulbul

Straw-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus zeylanicus)


APicture large African and Asian family of short-necked and short-winged birds with longish tails and rather slender bills. They have fluffy, soft plumage and several have an erectile crest. Plumage of males and females is similar and most bulbuls are rather dull in colour with, at most, yellow, orange, black, or white patterns.

Bulbuls are primarily frugivorous though they also eat many insects. They are confident birds with lively, and in some species, very musical songs. They tend to be arboreal and make untidy, cup-shaped nests in trees. None is migratory.

Description: Large (28 cm) pale-headed bulbul with conspicuous black moustache. Crown and ear coverts straw-orange; back olive-brown, streaked with white; wings and tail greenish brown; chin and throat white; chest grey, streaked with white; belly grey; vent yellow.
Iris - reddish; bill - black; feet - dark brown.

Voice: Strong, clear, ringing, melodious, warbled but stereotyped song given antiphonally or in chorus.

Distribution and status: In the lowlands and hills of Sumatra and Borneo, it remains a widespread bird, though formerly more common. A popular cage bird which faces constant pressure from trappers; birds are now imported from Sumatra and Borneo for the Javan markets.

Habits: Frequents secondary forest and forest edge, often in marshy reed bed areas, near rivers or swamps. A rather shy, inconspicuous bird, more often heard than seen.