Totallt PA_Malaysian Giant Turtle (Orlitia borneensis)Totallt PA_Malaysian Giant Turtle (Orlitia borneensis)

Malaysian Giant Turtle (Orlitia borneensis)


The endangered Malaysian giant turtle (Orlitia borneensis) is the largest freshwater tur

tle in Southeast Asia. Exploitation is rapidly diminishing the population of this rare and gigantic reptile as its meat is highly sought after for food.

The Malaysian giant turtle has a powerful head and strong jaw, with a slightly projecting snout. The head of the adult is uniformly brown or black, whereas the juvenile is dark mottled with a pale line extending from the mo

uth to the back of the head. This species has a smooth oval shell or carapace, which is blackish or brown in colour. In the adult, the carapace is flatter and smooth edged, whereas the juvenile carapace is more domed and serrated. The underside, known as the plastron, is pale yellowish-brown .

The adult male Malaysian giant turtle possesses a longer and thicker tail than the female. This species has short webbed toes and long thick claws.

Also known as Bornean river turtle.
Size   Adult shell length: up to 80 cm
Hatchling shell length: 6 cm
Adult weight: 50 kg