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[+] 1. Q.How to build, erect or maintain any building or structure for swiftlets farming.
[+] 2. Q.How to apply for a licence to export processed edible birds’ nests.
[+] 3. Q.How to apply a licence to sell or deal in edibles birds’ nests.

[+] 1. Q. How to apply renewal for Swiflets Farming Licence?

[+] 1. Q. How to apply CITES certificates?

[+] 1. Q. How to apply research permit and what are document need to be submitted?
[+] 2. Q. How long the research permit will be process?
[+] 3. Q. How can I get the research application form? Could you please provide me with the correct link to find research application form in website?
[+] 4. Q. I would like to ask if I would like to add new sampling site in my permit do I need to resend all the applications and how long the process?
[+] 5. Q. I would like to ask what should I do if I want to bring the sample out of Sarawak?
[+] 6. Q. What are the documents required for the application of research permit renewal and how long the process will be take?
[+] 7. Q. I would like to ask if it would possible to add three more field assistant and some researcher in the current permit?

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