Responses by government to citizen’s questions and queries Responses by government to citizen’s questions and queries

Responses by government to citizen’s questions, queries and inputs

No Name of Queries Question of queries and inputs Queries and inputs answer Dated
1 CHRISTON ANAK JOPES Vacancies from department. Can access to, look for EG Application and then access to Re-recruitment 11.11.2014
2 Mr. John Smith A day trip to Bako National Park As mentioned, you can make a day trip to Bako National Park, but before going there, it is better for you to contact Visitor Information Office, Kuching, Sarawak Forestry Corporation  Sdn Bhd, at 6082248088 or fax to 6082248087 for the detail. 11.11.2014
3 Lai Jia Yen Any channel I can get the information of career Can access to, look for EG Application and then access to Re-recruitment (job application management system) to apply for any post 04.12.2014
4 Daud Che Manap Jabatan ini menyediakan latihan industri Jabatan Hutan Sarawak pada masa kini TIDAK menyediakan Latihan Industri. 28.01.2015
5 DOMANIC BERIAK ANAK ENTEBONG Bagaimana saya hendak semak status syarikat balak di tempat saya Anda boleh menulis surat kepada Pengarah Hutan Sarawak mengenai status syarikat balak di kawasan anda 22.02.2015
6 LIEW PEI LING like to look for DF Circular No. 6/99 Attached herewith is the copy of DF Circular No.6/99 as requested for your own used only. 16.04.2015
7 Daniel Shriver Who knows the native fruits of Borneo well Forest Department Sarawak do not have any information of Mr Kueh Hong Siong.
The relevant government agency to answer your query on native fruits of Borneo is the Agriculture Department of Sarawak.
8 Kylie Able to send through confirmation for booking You can direct email to the booking email: or call / fax Tel: +6 082 410 944 Fax: +6 082 256 301 Mon-Fri: 8-5 Close on Public Holidays and weekends 17.07.2015
9 Zodie Mohamed Hanafiah How can i purchase some of the publications by the Agency Regarding your inquiry to purchase the publication you can contact; Mdm Doreen Ang
Contact Number: 6 082 - 616958
10 Encik Mohamad Jeffry Bin Tambi Boleh cek status permohonan saya untuk lesen penjagaan hidupan liar Untuk pengetahuan, permohonan lesen penjagaan hidupan liar masih boleh dipohon.
dan untuk keterangan lanjut encik boleh menghubungi 082 – 319228.
11 Viviana pandra How to make a reservation and the different rates to stay in the park for a few (2) nights Thanks for inquiry, here is the link for booking accommodation, and the link for prices for accommodation
or you can call directly to the Information Centre as below;
For More Information please call Visitor's Information Centre email: or call / fax Tel: +6 082 410 944 Fax: +6 082 256 301 Mon-Fri: 8-5 Close on Public Holidays and weekends
12 Muhammad Fairus Abd Rahman A letter for permission to do a program (UNIMAS) with Forest Department Sarawak Encik Muhammad can email directly the our Corporate Public Affair Officer, Encik Saiful Amir email: contact no. 082 - 319219,
and can cc to me.
13 Raul Parra Quevedo Like to go to Bako National Park Thanks you for interested in our national parks, To book the national parks you can do it by online using this link or you can contact our information centre;
Visitor's Information Centre, Kuching
Tel: +6 082 410 944
Fax: +6 082 256 301
Email: vic-kuching@sarawakt
14 Nurfarahmarhein Bt Melan Ingin memohon peta jenis hutan di Sarawak Untuk pertanyaan Cik Nurfarahmarhein, cik boleh menghubungi Pegawai Korporat Jabatan Hutan Sarawak kami, Encik Mohammad Saiful Amrie Abdullah, tel no: 082 - 319219 atau email: 09.05.2016
15 Fabio Carlucci Like to do the night jungle walk and book a dorm room for that night Regarding your requestit is not clear where do you want to do your activities, below is the list of contact for visitor's information center;
Tel: +6 082 410 944 Fax: +6 082 256 301
16 Ana Rodriguez Villares Spending one night in your National Park in September You can stay in Bako National Park (to see Orang Belanda)in Kuching or Gading National Park(bunga pakma rafflesia) The park is about 2 hours drive from Kuching ( Lundu )
mulu National park ( in Miri) half hour flight from Miri. More info here
17 Chiew Soon Hwang Saya Mahu beli satu buku, Regarding your interested in buying the book, you can call or email Mdm Doreen Ang Choo Mui her contact no 082-616958 and her email for more information and for the trees, our department do not supply any trees. 27.05.2016
18 Evera anak Stewart would you create a very creative forest for youth can make any kind of activities? Firstly thank you for the feedback and regrading your suggestion on creative forest for youth, it is not very clear on what your idea is, anyway if want to give more details regarding your suggestion you could directly email or call your Corporate Officer Mr Mohammad Saiful Amrie Abdullah email: or contact no: 082 - 319219 14-06-2016
19 AJIT Padia When will be New coupe timber logs available as we import timber logs from sarawak since 88 as we want to know when new timber logs will be available by ourrespective suppliers of Sarawak pls guide tks regards AJITPADIA DYNASTY TRADERS PVT LTD india Thank you for the feedback, your inquiry regarding the new coup timber logs available for your side to import, has been forwarded to our Corporate Officer Mr Mohammad Saiful Amrie Abdullah, email and his contact: 082 - 319219 for further information. 20-06-2016
20 Ghazali bin Shaffiee Pertanyaan: syarat untuk permohonan lesen untuk memelihara haiwan kongkang ( slow loris ) Pertama sekali, terima kasih kerana menggunakan khidmat feedback. Untuk makluman dan pengetahuan Encik Ghazali. Ukang (slow loris) adalah Haiwan Terlindung Sepenuhnya (Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak)  dimana tidak dibenarkan untuk memilihara sebagai haiwan peliharaan, diburu, ditangkap, dibunuh, dijual termasuk di import dan di export di bawah Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998, untuk sebarang pertanyaan boleh menghubungi numbor seperti di bawah:

Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak

Certain species of animals are clarified  as totally protected in Sarawak under the Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998. This is because they are now extremely rare, due to hunting and habitat destruction. Everyone's help is needed to ensure that they do not become extinct in Sarawak.

You are not allowed to keep them as pets, hunt, capture, kill, sell, import or export them, or possess any recognizable part of these animals without the written permission from the Controller of Wild Life. The penalties for such offences are:

  • for a rhinoceros, a fine of RM50,000 and five-years imprisonment;
  • for an orang-utan or proboscis monkey, a fine of RM30,000 and two years imprisonment;
  • for all other species, a fine of RM25,000 and two-years imprisonment.

If you have any enquiry, or know of anybody hunting or keeping any of these animals, please contact:

Enforcement Division
Forest Department Headquarters
Wisma Sumber Alam
Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya

Information will be kept strictly confidential. Call us today at telephone No. 082-319119 or 319139 or 446426 or hand phone No. 011221724. For further enquiry, please contact us

21 Nitanan Koshy A/l Matthew Do you have the latest 2015 data on (Distribution and extend of major forest types 2015 (for Sarawak) Thanks for using our feedback form, regarding your request for data of distribution and extend of major forest types 2015 for Sarawak.
1. you need to write officially to the Director of Forests of Sarawak for approval.
2. you need to mention your particular details.
3. and why you need the data for. you can submitted to the address below;
Director of Forests Sarawak
Forest Department Sarawak
Bangunan Wisma Sumber
22 Bilgray Clif Is there any new activities for the tree planting? Thanks for using our feedback form, regarding any new activities for the tree planting?
we will get back to you as soon as possible after we got any information regarding tree planting activities.
23 Christina Siew Jin Jee57 I am interested in the naming of the new baby orangutan. Which site do I go to? Is it here? You can get further Information from

Tel: (+6) 082 610088 Fax: (+6) 082 610099
Toll free line: 1 800 88 2526

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Tel: +6082 618325 or +6082 618324 Fax: +6082 618424
24 Kerk Yi Wen I'm master candidate from UNIMAS, im doing research related to wildlife conservation and im interested with the "Master Plan for Wildlife in Sarawak". Is there any ways to access to the contents of master plan? For your request regarding the Master Plan for Wildlife in Sarawak, can write in officially to our director regarding the matter and
for more information you can email directly to our Public Relation Officer Mr. Mohammad Saiful Amrie Abdullah email
contact no 082 - 319219 or fax 082 - 440266.