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From 16 to 19August 2017, Forest Department Sarawak through its Social Forestry Division (SFD) have successfully conducted a Handicraft Training “Kraf Kreatif Mencipta Bunga Kering” at Pusat Latihan Lawas, JAKIM, Sarawak. This is the second of the Handicraft Training series following the first training held in May at Rh. Andah, Nanga Sumpa, Ulu Batang Ai, Lubok Antu, Sri Aman.

Program Kembara Kreativiti” is one of the initiative taken by the Department to focus on improvement of the communities in terms of economic, knowledge, skills, and the standard and quality of life under “Program Pembangunan Modal Insan in the main components of the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Project under the 11th Malaysian Plan (RMKe-11).

Malaysia boasts a delightful variety of traditional handicrafts. Choices range from priceless authentic antiques to exquisite modern hand-made crafts. Local plant fibres and parts from bamboo, rattan, pandan and mengkuang leaves are coiled, plaited, twined and woven to produce items such as bags, baskets, mats, hats, tudung saji and sepak raga balls.

However, through this handicraft training, participants were introduced to the new crafts that are unique and creative as well as having a commercial value such as utilising natural materials from plants, for example betel nut (buah pinang laka), to produce decorative itemsthat one would be proud to display at home.

Joined by a total of 25 participants of communities from North of Sarawak,the four-days training programme involved the communities from several villages in Limbang (Kpg. Long Napir, Kpg. Bahagia, Kpg. Long Sebayang, Kpg. Long Rayeh, Kpg. Long Adang, Kpg. Kuala Mendalam and Kpg. Liang Datu) and Lawas (Kpg. Long Tuma, Kpg. Tang Itong, Kpg. Long Tuan Ulu Trusan, Kpg. Long Bidang, Kpg. Gelapas and Kpg. Dato’ Kuala Lawas).

The Department through SFD have invited guest facilitators Hisham Kamaruddin andFauzi Abdul Majid from A.P.A Attitude Planet Art, Pusat Inkubator Jabatan Pertanian in Hulu Langat Selangor to lead the handicraft training.

Held for the first time for the communities from North of Sarawak, the training could help to open the mind of community members in diversifying their handicraft products, to train them to create a more unique and creative handicrafts using the forest resources around and to increase the skills and expertise of communities in creating handicrafts. This training also aimed to create and build a business networking as well as to open up opportunities to outside sellers for the products created.

The Handicraft Training “Kraf Kreatif Mencipta Bunga Kering” will further outreaching the communities in Central of Sarawak for its third series, followed by an advanced course for selected participants from all three series combined.