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TRTTC/STA Forest Products Seminar, 11-13 March 1996

TRTTC/STA Forest Products Seminar, 11-13 March 1996

Sim, H.C. & Mohd Arshad Saru Furniture Testing - FRIM Experience (Abstract)

Lim, N.P.T. , Korai, H. & Imamura, H. Properties Of Particleboard Made From Acacia mangium (Abstract)

Abdul Rashid Abd. Malik Fire Retardant Treatments For Timber (Abstract)

Wong, A.A.H., Hong, L.T. & Ling, W.C. Controlling Sapstain In Sapwood Timbers With Common And Novel Anti-Sapstain Preservative : Relevance To Sarawak (Abstract)

Jenang, K. & Inoue, M. Effect Of Incising Technique On Preservative Penetration Of Refractory Timber Species (Abstract)

Choong, E.T., Roliadi, H. & Chin,Y.H. Wood Properties Of The Dipterocarpaceae (Abstract)

Sugawa, T. & Salang, A.T. Microscopic Structures Of Dipterocarp Timber Found In Sarawak (Abstract)

Imamura, H. & Jenang, K. An Overview Of Transparent Coating For Exterior Use (Abstract)

Ismail Bin Sulaiman New Developments In Kiln Schedules For Some Sarawak Timbers (Abstract)

Ling, W.C. The Durability Of Sarawak Timbers In Soil Contact (Abstract)

Duju, A. & Kuroda, N. The Relationship Between Basic Density And Mechanical Strength Properties Of Some Sarawak Timbers (Abstract)

Inoue, A. & Siti Hanim Sahar Formaldehyde Issue In Wood-Based Panels (Abstract)

Wong, T.C., Fujiwara, K. & Chan, C.S. A Diagnostic Approach To Bandsaw Maintenance (Abstract)

Hashim Haji Bojet & Jimbat, T. Current And Future Development Of Timber Industry (Primary Processing) In Sarawak (Abstract)

Peter, C.S K., Siew, K.Y. & Foo, E.P.L. A Wood-Waste Combustion Kiln For Small And Medium Sawmills In Sarawak (Abstract)

Imamura, H., Lim, N.P.T. & Wong, T.C. Some Prospects Of Woodwaste Utilisation In Sarawak - A Perspective (Abstract)

Wong, A.H.H., Singh, A.P., & Ling, W.C. Major Decay Types Recognised In An Extremely Durable Timber Species Belian (Eusideroxylon zwageri) From East Malaysia (Abstract)

Siti Hanim Sahari & Inoue, A. Bonding Properties Of Bonded-Wood Products Made In Sarawak (Abstract)

Daud Sulaiman Management Of Safety And Health In The Timber Industry (Abstract)

Kuroda, N. & Ling, W.C. Measurements Of Moisture In Wood (Abstract)

Foo, E.P.L. & Tan, J.L. A Guide Of The Use Of Use Of Electrical Resistance-Type Timber Moisture Meter (Abstract)

Fujii, T. & Salang, A.T. Xylem Development In Shorea Species Found In Sarawak (Abstract)

Salang, A.T., Wan Ali Wan Ibrahim & Kuroda, N. Intra-Stem Variations Of Basic Density And Green Moisture Content Of Nine Species Found In Sarawak (Abstract)

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