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TRTTC/JICA Research Seminar, 18-20 November 1997

TRTTC/JICA Research Seminar, 18-20 November 1997

Ting King Boh & Hirofumi Sakuma Design and Construction of a Glued-laminated Timber Bridge (Abstract)

Alik Duju, Takashi Nakai & Hirofumi Nagao Non-destructive Evaluation of Some Sarawak Timbers for Structural Use (Abstract)

Hirofumi Sakuma, Ting King Boh & Tsutomu Takano Bending Properties of Some Finger-jointed Sarawak Timbers (Abstract)

Siti Hanim Sahari & Akio Inoue Effect of Surface Characteristics on Bonding Properties of Wood (Abstract)

Hiroshi Sumi Current Drying Technologies of Some Coniferous Timbers in Japan (Abstract)

Ismail bin Sulaiman & Shuuetsu Saito Radio Frequency Vacuum Drying of Baby-small Keruing (Abstract)

Y. Uchimura, A. Kitaoka & H. Asaishi Current Trends of Tropical Hardwood Market in Japan (Abstract)

Hiroto Imamura Waterproofing Properties and Weatherbility of Transparent Coating (Abstract)

Makoto Kiguchi Improvement of Weather Resistance of Exterior Wood by Finishing (Abstract)

Makoto Kiguchi & Jiro Kawamura Interior Finishing of Wood in Japan (Abstract)

Nigel P. T. Lim, Fujiichi Saito & Pek Yaw Kee Effect of Furnish Material on Board Properties of Sarawak Hardwood Particleboards. Part 1 - Wood Density (Abstract)

Fujiichi Saito, Nigel P.T. Lim & Pek Yaw Kee Properties of Medang Veneer Laminated Particleboards made from Four Sarawak Hardwood Species (Abstract)

Rahim Sudin, Siti Norralakmam Yahya, Suffian Misran & Saimin Basir Particleboard Manufactured from Oil Palm Fibre and Rubberwood Particles (Abstract)

Andrew Tukau Salang & Tonobuyo Sugawa Identification of Dipterocarp Timbers of Sarawak (Abstract)

Naohiro Kuroda & Andrew Tukau Water Absorption Measurement of Some Sarawak Timbers and Substitutive Index for the Treatability Evaluation (Abstract)

Alik Duju & Takashi Nakai Effect of Moisture Content on Bending Properties of Wood (Abstract)

Tastuya Shibusawa, Hirofumi Sakuma, Takanori Arima & Motoaki Okuma Ultrasonic Application to Measure the Property Changes with Respect to Moisture Content of Wood and Wood-based Materials (Abstract)

Kandau Jenang, Andrew Tukau Salang & Toyonobu Sugawa Preliminary Decay Studies of CCA-Treated Keruing Telephone Poles (Abstract)

Andrew Tukau Salang, Tomoyuki Fujii, Koichi Yamamoto & Kandau Jenang Micro Distribution and Retention of CCA in Treated Keruing Telephone Poles (Abstract)

Ling Wang Choon Impact of the Effective Wood Utilization Research Project in Sarawak (Abstract)

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