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2nd TRTTC/STA Forest Products Seminar, 12-14 October 1999

2nd TRTTC/STA Forest Products Seminar, 12-14 October 1999


Wong Ting Chung & Ling Wang Choon Installed Processing Capacities of Sarawak's Timber Mills in the Context of Raw Material Availability (Abstract)

Celina Yong Foreign Labour in the Sarawak Timber Industry (Abstract)

Len Talif Salleh & Nicholas Andrew Lissem Management and Utilization of Milling Residues in Sarawak (Abstract)

Emily Wong, Jonus Ko & Jordy Ko The Issue of Wood Residues in Kuching Region (Abstract)

Ting King Boh Some Common Problems Encountered in Finger Jointing of Sarawak Timbers (Abstract)

Puad Elham & Koh Mok Poh Wood Briquetting - Method of Utilising Sawdust in Malaysia (Abstract)

Nigel P. T. Lim, Siti Hanim Sahari & Pek Yaw Kee Bond Performance of Plywood Manufactured from Small Diameter Acacia mangium (Abstract)

Siti Hanim Hj. Sahari, Nigel P. T. Lim & Karin Kerman Variations of Melamine and Urea Content in Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Adhesives and its Effect on Some Properties of Plywood (Abstract)

Dr. Mohd. Nor Mohd. Yusoff Properties of MDF from 2-year-old Acacia mangium (Abstract)

Pek Yaw Kee, Nigel P. T. Lim & Peter C. S. Kho Milled Hampas as an Alternative Filler for Plywood Adhesive (Abstract)

Mohd. Hamami Sahri, Mohd. Shahwahid Hj. Othman & Wong Ee Ding Green Veneer Recovery Study from Selected Plywood Mills in Pahang (Abstract)

Dr. Rahim Sudin, Dr. Mohd Nor Mohd Yusoff, Suffian Misran, Saimin Basir, Jalali Salleh & Ahmad Sharafi Othman Properties of Oriented Strand Board Manufacture form Acacia mangium (Abstract)

Peter C. S. Kho, Edward P. L. Foo & Kho Gek Hoi Dimensional Stability of Some Sarawak Timber Species (Abstract)

Rokiah Hashim, O. Sulaiman, M. H. Simatupang & A. Z. Mohamed Mechanisms Causing Discoloration of Rubberwood - Effect of Aerobic and Anaerobic Condition Towards the Brownish Discoloration of Rubberwood using Fresh Pressed Liquid (Abstract)

Edward P. L. Foo, Tan Jui Liah, & Mohd. Salleh Solar Drying of Selected Sarawak Timbers (Abstract)

Kandau Jenang, Dr. Makoto Kiguchi & Jiro Kawamura Finishing Properties of Acacia mangium Grown in Sarawak Compared to Nyatoh rian and Ramin (Abstract)

Hong Lay Thong Accelerated Technique for Estimating Natural Durability of Timbers (Abstract)

Koichi Yamamoto Decay Resistance of Plantation Teak Wood (Abstract)

Nebil Bourguiba LOSP Timber Treatment in Malaysia: Quality and Environment (Abstract)

Clarence Tan Protecting Wood from Biological Stain (Abstract)

Ling Wang Choon, Lai Jiew Kok, John Sammy & Peter C. S. Kho Evaluation of Anti-Sapstains Formulations for the Protection of Sawn Ramin and Bindang in Sarawak (Abstract)

Alik Duju Strength Properties of Acacia mangium Grown in Sarawak (Abstract)

Salamah bt. Selamat & Shaharuddin b. Hashim The Effect of Wood Density on Copper- Chrome- Arsenic (CCA) Preservative Retention in Selected Malaysian Hardwoods after Full-Cell Treatment (Abstract)

Wan Ali bin Wan Ibrahim Systematic Studies of Shorea albida Sym. (Abstract)

Andrew Tukau Salang, Wan Ali bin Wan Ibrahim & Charles Diyom Preliminary Results on the Identification of Some Softwoods Found in Sarawak (Abstract)

Young Kam Han Extending the Service Life of Timber Through Fire Retardants (Abstract)

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