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Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak

Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak

Certain species of animals are clarified  as totally protected in Sarawak under the Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998. This is because they are now extremely rare, due to hunting and habitat destruction. Everyone's help is needed to ensure that they do not become extinct in Sarawak.

You are not allowed to keep them as pets, hunt, capture, kill, sell, import or export them, or possess any recognizable part of these animals without the written permission from the Contriller of Wild Life. The penalties for such offences are:

  • for a rhinoceros, a fine of RM50,000 and five-years imprisonment;
  • for an orang-utan or proboscis monkey, a fine of RM30,000 and two years imprisonment;
  • for all other species, a fine of RM25,000 and two-years imprisonment.

If you have any enquiry, or know of anybody hunting or keeping any of these animals, please contact:

Enforcement Division
Forest Department Headquarters
Wisma Sumber Alam
Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya

Information will be kept strictly confidential. Call us today at telephone No.

1.    Pejabat Hutan Bahagian Kuching -     082 - 443510
2.    Pejabat Hutan Bahagian Sibu -           084 - 334577
3.    Pejabat Hutan Bahagian Bintulu -      086 - 331117
4.    Pejabat Hutan Bahagian Miri -           085 - 413361
5.    Bahagian Hidupan Liar,
       Ibu Pejabat jabatan Hutan Sarawak - 082 - 319120 / 082-319104 atau 082-319544
       or  HOTLINE  - 1-800-88-7777

For further enquiry, please contact us

List of Totally Protected Animals in Sarawak

The following table refers to the First Schedule [Section 2(1)] PART I on Totally Protected Animals from the Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998 (Chapter 26).


English Name

Scientific Name

Local Name

Slow loris

Nycticebus coucang

Ukang; bengkang (I)

Western tarsier

Tarsius bancanus

Kera hantu; ingkat (I)

Silvered langur

Presbytis cristata


Hose's langur

Presbytis hosei


White-fronted langur

Presbytis frontata


Banded langur

Presbytis melalophos


Maroon langur

Presbytis rubicunda

Lotong merah; jelu merah (I)

Proboscis monkey

Nasalis larvatus

Orang belanda; rasong (I)

Bornean gibbon

Hylobates muelleri

Wak-wak; empeliau (I)


Pongo pygmaeus

Mawas; maias (I)

Giant squirrel

Ratufa affinis

Tupai kerawak

Tufted ground squirrel

Rheithrosciurus macrotis


Clouded leopard

 Neofelis nebulosa

Rimau dahan; engkuli (I)

Bay cat Felis badia Kuching merah
Marbled cat Felis marmorata Kuching dahan
Flat-headed cat Felis planiceps Kuching hutan
All whales, dolphins and porpoises All species of Cetacea Paus; lumba lumbi
Dugong Dugong dugon Dugong; duyong (I)
Rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis Badak
Wild cattle Bos javanicus Tembadau
Naked bat Cheiromeles torquatus  


English Name                                          

Scientific Name

Local Name

Oriental darter

Anhinga melanogaster

Ujoh laut

Pacific reef egret

Egretta sacra


Cattle egret

Bubulcus ibis

Burung apuh; burung lima ringgit

Storm's stork

Ciconia stormi


Lesser adjutant stork

Leptoptilos javanicus


White-bellied fish eagle

Haliaeetus leucogaster

Lang laut

Grey-headed fish eagle

Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus

Lang laut

Bornean peacock pheasant

Polyplectron schleiermacheri


Argus pheasant

Argusianus argus


Bulwer's pheasant

Lophura bulweri


Black-naped tern

Sterna sumatrana

Burung laut

Bridled/brown-winged tern

Sterna anaethetus

Burung laut; entala puteh (I)

All phalaropes

Phalaropus spp.


All imperial pigeons

Ducula spp.


Silvery (grey) wood pigeon

Columba argentina


White-crowned hornbill

Aceros comatus

Sentuku (I)

Bushy-crested hornbill

Anorrhinus galeritus

Kakalau (I)

Wrinkled hornbill

Aceros corrugatus

Alau buloh

Wreathed hornbill

Aceros undulatus

Alau sangoh

Asian black hornbill

Anthracoceros malayanus

Alau babi; gagak/rengak (I)

Oriental pied hornbill

Anthracoceros albirostris

Alau pedada; bruie (I)

Rhinoceros hornbill

Buceros rhinoceros

Kenyalang (I)

Helmeted hornbill

Buceros vigil

Tajai (I)

All pittas

Pitta spp.

Burung pacat

Straw-headed bulbul

Pycnonotus zeylanicus


Bornean bristlehead

Pityriasis gymnocephala



English Name

Scientific Name

Local Name    

All marine turtles                           

All species of Chelonidae and Dermochelyidae

Penyu-penyu   laut                          

Painted terrapin

Callugur borneensis



Orlitia borneensis


Niah cave gecko

Cyrtodactylus cavernicolus

Cicak gua Niah 

Earless monitor lizard

Lanthanotus borneensis

Cicak purba

Picture The accompanying notes on the Totally Protected Animals have been extracted from
A Field Guide to the MAMMALS of BORNEO by Junaidi Payne, Charles M. Francis and Karen Phillips (1994) ISBN 967-99947-1-6 and 
A Field Guide to the BIRDS of BORNEO, SUMATRA, JAVA and BALI by John MacKinnion and Karen Phillipps (1995), ISBN 0-19-854034-5
with the kind permission of Karen Phillips.



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