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ITTO_Studies on the Management Standards of HDF

Studies on the Management Standards of Hill Dipterocarp Forests in Sarawak from a Watershed Management Point of View

Phase I of the project, which was completed in November 1995, was to examine the negative impacts of conventional logging operations and their effects on forest environment and watershed.

Under the conventional system of forest road construction, most of the road cut materials are disposed of into valleys, i.e. down the mountain slopes. The study found that this unconsolidated material which was easily eroded by surface run-off during high intensity rainfall, was the main cause of turbidity and sediment loads. The Draft Technical Guidelines for Forest Road construction for Sound Watershed Management was developed under Phase I from these findings of the study.

Phase II of the project is intended to:-

  1. apply the Draft Technical Guidelines into practice at the project site
  2. assess and evaluate the impacts of improved system of forest operations on the watershed by comparing the impacts with the conventional system,
  3. disseminate project findings through a training seminar on the improved operation system for timber companies in Sarawak as well as personnel of the Sarawak Forest Department.

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