NP_Rules And RegulationsNP_Rules And Regulations


Rules And Regulations

The rules and regulations are there to protect the park for the benefit of visitors.

It is an offence to:-
        1.         Enter without a permit;
        2.         Kill, capture, poison or disturb any animal;
        3.         Cut, remove, destroy or set fire to any object; living or non-living, dead or alive,
        4.         Introduce any animal or plant into the park;
        5.         Damage, erect any building or other structures;
        6.         Litter.

The minimum fine for the above offences is RM1,000 and six months imprisonment.

Visitors must obtain a certified permit before entering the National Parks, Nature Reserves or Wildlife Centres from the nearest booking offices. For professional film makers and those carrying out expeditions, a special permission from the Sarawak State Secretary must be acquired in advance.

Exclusion of Liabilities:

Any person visiting Sarawak's national parks, nature reserves and wildlife centres enter at their own risk. The permit to enter is granted subject to the condition that the Forest Department and/or the State Government and/or any Officer shall not be responsible for any physical, mental or emotional injury sustained, or any loss of life, or property or whatsoever kind within these areas. The State Government or its Officer disclaims any act(s) or omission however caused or arisen within these areas.

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