WLS_Difference Sanctuaries & Rehabilitation CentresWLS_Difference Sanctuaries & Rehabilitation Centres

The Difference between Wild Life Sanctuaries & Rehabilitation Centres

Wild Life Sanctuaries were gazetted Pictureprimarily to protect certain rare or endangered species in Sarawak and also serve as the bank for various types of biodiversity.

The access to Wild Life Sanctuaries is strictly limited as a permit from the Controller of Wild Life or Chief Wildlife Warden is required.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres on the other hand mainly house caged animals e.g. orangutans, hornbills, porcupines etc. It is opened to the public and has been frequented by large numbers of local and foreign tourists.

The main purpose of the cenre is to rehabilitate seized wildlife species befores they are release back to the wild and of the same time it  acts for regulated  tourism activities. Although tourism is not one of the centre's aims, visitors are encouraged to visit the centre as a way of promoting public awareness on Wildlife Conservations. Wildlife Centres also serve as an environmental education centre especially for school children, researchers and the public.

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