WLS_A Master Plan for Wildlife in SarawakWLS_A Master Plan for Wildlife in Sarawak

A Master Plan for Wildlife in Sarawak

PictureA Master Plan for Wildlife in Sarawak was prepared in 1996 by Sarawak Forest Department and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), USA.

The aims of the Master Plan are:

  • To formulate a comprehensive, cross-sectoral wildlife strategy for Sarawak, which will enable Sarawak to manage and conserve its native wildlife populations in perpetuity. The strategy aims to balance and integrate the conservation of wildlife and natural resources with the economic and development needs of state;
  • To propose a series of recommendations on how the strategy can be put into practice;
  • To compile these into a document which is user-friendly for use by Government and relevant personnel in the private sector.

PictureOverall, this master plan examines all aspects of wildlife conservation such as the management of wildlife and national parks, issues and problems related to wildlife management and ecotourism conservation education and protection of endangered species. It also outlines the actions required to implement the recommendations and also reviews the involvement of various agencies, regulations, and ordinances related to wildlife conservation and management in Sarawak.
Sarawak is the first in the world to produce such a comprehensive master plan for wildlife.

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