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Thank you for surfing the official Forest Department Sarawak’s website.

As the ‘Custodians of Sarawak’s Forest’, we are grateful to receive your virtual visit to our website.

In this website, we are displaying “What we do” which is a brief background as well as current achievements of a few main functions of the department such as gazettement of permanent forest estates, forest management certification, planting of fast-growing tree species in planted forest estates, research programs that is conducted as well as collaboration programs with world renowned research and education institution.

Apart from that, you can find list of research experts that can be contacted for any intention of collaboration in certain fields including inquiries on research result that was conducted by the department. We welcome any form of collaboration for exploring in depth various fields through forestry research in Sarawak.

Statistics on forest revenue and revenue collection including royalty, premium, and cess are also displayed for information.

A few of the department’s publication ‘A Century Commitments Pictorial Glance Forest Department Sarawak 1919-2019’, Proceedings of the 18th Malaysian Forestry Conference 2018’, ‘Sarawak Forest Policy 2019’ and ‘Forest Department Sarawak Strategic Plan 2021-2025’ can be downloaded for reference and safekeeping.

We hope that the information displayed can provide us with benefits.




Director of Forest Department Sarawak

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