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Protected Animals of Sarawak

Protected Animals of Sarawak

These animals are protected in PictureSarawak. This is because they are now rare, due to hunting and habitat destruction. You need a licence to keep them as pets, hunt, kill, capture, sell import or export them, or possess any recognizable part of these animals. Issuing of licences is at the discretion of the Forest Department. The penalties for hunting or possessing any of these animals dead or alive, and possessing any of their parts without a license is a fine of RM10,000 and one year imprisonment.

To apply for a licence to keep any of these animals, contact your nearest Forest Department office. In general, licences will not be issued to trade in any of these species.

List of Protected Animals in Sarawak
The following table refers to the First Schedule [Section 2(1)] PART II on Protected Animals from the Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998 (Chapter 26).


English Name

Scientific Name

Local Name

All treeshrews

All species of Tupaiidae


All bats

All species of Chiroptera excluding those already listed in Part I


All primates

All species of Primates excluding those already listed in Part I


Flying lemur/colugo

Cynocephalus variegatus



Manis javanica


All flying squirrels

All species of Petuaristinae

Tupai terbang


All species of Hystricidae


Sun bear

Helarctos malayanus


Bear cat

Arctitis binturong


All civets and mongooses

All species of Viverridae


All otters

All species of Lutra and Aonyx


All cats

All species of Felidae excluding those already listed in Part I

Kuching hutan


Common Name

Scientific Name

Local Name

Christmas frigatebird

Fregata andrewsi


All herons, egrets and bitterns excluding those already listed in Part I

All species of Ardeidae


All storks excluding those already listed in Part I

All species of Ciconiidae

Lang; menaul


Pandion haliaetus


All falcons

All species of Falconidae

Rajawali; menaul

All scrubfowl, partridges and pheasants, excluding those already listed in Part I

All species of Phasianidae


All warders, excluding those already listed in Part I

All species of Charadiiformes


Metallic pigeon

Columbia vitiensis


Nicobar pigeon

Caloenas nicobarica


All owls

All species of Tytonidae and Strigidae

Burung hantu

All swiftlets

All species of Aerodramus, Hydrochous and Collocalia

Burung layang

All kingfishers

All species of Alcedinidae


All woodpeckers

All species of Picidae


Asian paradise flycatcher

Terpsiphone paradisi

Burung sambar ekor panjang

Grakle or hill myna

Gracula religiosa

Burung tiong

All parrots and parakeets

All species of Psittacidae


White-rumped shama

Copsychus malabaricus



Common Name

Scientific Name

Local Name

Burmese brown tortoise

Geochelone emys


All soft-shelled turtles

All species of Tryonychidae


False gharial

Tomistoma schleglii

Buaya jujulong

Estuarine crocodile

Crocodylus porous

Buaya katak

All monitor lizards

All species of Varanus


King cobra

Ophiophagus hannah

Ular tedung

Common cobra

Naja naja

Ular tedung

All pythons

All species of Python



Common Name

Scientific Name

Local Name

Arowana (dragonfish)

All species of Osteoglossidae

Ikan seruk; ikan siluk


English Name

Scientific Name

Local Name              

All hard and soft corals

All species of Hydrozoa and Anthozoa (Actinozona)

Batu karang

Raja Brooke's birdwing

Troides brookiana


F. Additional Species
All species of animals listed in Appendices I and II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), excluding those already listed in Part I.


The accompanying notes on the Totally Protected Animals have been extracted from
A Field Guide to the MAMMALS of BORNEO by Junaidi Payne, Charles M. Francis and Karen Phillips (1994) ISBN 967-99947-1-6 and
A Field Guide to the BIRDS of BORNEO, SUMATRA, JAVA and BALI by John MacKinnion and Karen Phillipps (1995), ISBN 0-19-854034-5
with the kind permission of Karen Phillips.


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