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 List Of Publications

Cheong, E.C., Chung, K.S. & Kho, S.Y. 1980 Manpower and Wages Survey - October 1978

1981 Taxation On Forest Industry Sector - Year of Assessment 1979, 1980 & 1981

Chung, K.S. 1983 Production Cost of Sawn Timber in Sarawak, 1979, 1980 & 1981

Chung, K.S. 1984 Costs of logging in hill and swamp forests of Sarawak

Chung, K.S. 1985 Comparison of Land Value of Natural Forest, Forest Plantation, Oil Palm and Cocoa in selected localities of Sarawak

Chung, K.S. & Ismail Sulaiman 1986 Relationship between manpower and production in logging and sawmilling sectors of Sarawak

Chung, K.S. 1986 Models for predicting log outflow from Batang Kemena and Batang Baram 1986 - 1995

Chung, K.S. 1987 Estimating the Demand Curves of Bako, Niah, Lambir National Parks in Sarawak

Chung, K.S. & Liew, C.K. 1987 Productivity Survey 1970 - 1986 on hill and swamp forests of Sarawak

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