Forest Engineering PlanForest Engineering Plan

Forest Engineering Plan

The Forest Engineering Plan (FEP) has been formulated primarily for implementation in the long-term hill licences. It is based on the recommendations of the FAO/UNDP Project MAL/76/008 which was carried out in Sarawak from 1977 to 1981. One of the main objectives of engineering studies conducted in this Project was to establish principles and provide guidelines for the planning and execution of efficient harvesting of the mixed dipterocarp forest. A proper planning of the logging roads and harvesting operations would be necessary to improve the standard of hill logging in the State and at the same time taking into consideration the protection of the environment and forest resources.

General Planning
Once a long-term hill licence has been issued, the logging operator is required to submit to the Department a General Harvesting Plan (GP) on Lands and Survey 1:50,000 scale map sheets. The GP is to show the coupe layout and road network for the entire licenced areas as well as location of camp sites, dumping points and access roads. Coupes are numbered in the order in which they will be harvested. The GP would serve as a basis for the detailed planning of the individual coupes.

Operational stage
After the GP has been approved, the logging operator can commence with the detailed planning of the individual coupes. Large scale topographic work-maps of scale 1:10,000 or larger with contour interval not exceeding 10 metres are required for this purpose. There are a number of ways to obtain such maps and these are by:-

  • Photogrammetric mapping, using stereoplotters and suitable aerial photographs.
  • Direct enlargement from 1:25,000 Lands and Survey map sheets.
  • Topographical survey on the ground. This method would be feasible only for small coupes.

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