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The main projects currently undertaken by the Botany Unit are: the general collection and floristic study of the flora of Sarawak; ethnobotanical study; Calophyllum project and AMRAD collection; development of the Botanical Research Centre (BRC); maintenance of the Semengoh Arboretum.

The general collection of Sarawak's flora (which includes both the higher and lower plants) was initiated with the inception of the Sarawak Herbarium. Numerous trips are organized annually to the interior which has not been botanized, to conduct floristic surveys and collect specimens for the Herbarium and for ex-situ conservation at the Botanical Research Centre.

Ethnobotanical study involves the collection and compilation of information of plants used by the various local ethnic communities for food, medicines, handicrafts and other traditional uses. Live plants collected are planted out in the Ethnobotanical Garden at the Botanical Research Centre. A total of 1247 plant species from 135 families have so far been documented.