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Forest Plantations

Forest Plantations

Established up to end of 2000 23,096 ha
Indigenous Species 16,751 ha (72%)
Exotic Species 4,123 ha (18%)
Calamus Species (Rotan) 2,222 ha (10%)
Current planting target 2,000 ha per year
Maintenance 4,000 ha per year
  Areas planted   Area by Species
Locality Area (ha)
Gunung Gading National Park 99.4
Sampadi Forest Reserve 5,163.7
Gunung Selang Forest Reserve 17.2
Semengoh Forest Reserve 38.1
Balai Ringin Permanent Forest 6,532.7
Sabal Forest Reserve 2,063.2
Labang Forest Reserve 1,152.9
Bakas Experimental Reserve 379.6
Sawai Permanent Forest 75.8
Niah Forest Reserve 8,442.0
Bakam Experimental Reserve 222.5
Anap Protected Forest 50.9

Gunung Pueh Forest Reserve


Suling Selaan Permanent Forest


Total 25,345.6
Species planted Area (ha)
Conifer species 58
Acacia mangium including Acacia auriculiformis and Acacia mangium x Acacia auriculiformis hybrid 3,715
Shorea macrophylla & other Shorea species 11,783
Durio zibethinus 1,116
Azadirachta excelsa 617
Dryobalanops species 1,970
Calamus species (Rattans) 2,222
Other indigenous & non indigenous species 1,615
Total 23,096
Dryobalanops species       
Acacia mangium
Shorea macrophylla
Azadirachta excelsa
Conifer   species
Non-indigenous Species
Picture  Picture
Parasrianthes falcataria Teak (Tectona grandis)

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