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CSI_Community Service Initiative

Community Service Initiative

The Community Service Initiative (CSI) is a new unit established under the Forest Department Sarawak in January 2011. The function of this unit is to promote understanding and strengthen cooperation between the government, the logging/plantation industry and the local people in forestry and land use, particularly matters pertaining to Totally Protected Areas (TPAs). The creation of this unit will complement the existing divisions and units in the Department on issues relating to communities and social interests.

The CSI Unit is also tasked with the additional responsibilities of continuing the work initiated by ITTO-supported projects and expanding it to benefit communities in other parts of the state. Ultimately, the people’s dependence on forests and rural poverty will be lessened as they become more self-sufficient through participation in community-based activities developed by the CSI.  Activities are focusing for communities living in the vicinity of TPAs and PFE area

Before the creation of this Unit, many services and activities on community-based  have been implemented; such as helping the Penan to register for Mykad and Birth Cert. , providing gravity feed water supply and basic amenities, rice processing machine, suspension bridge in Ulu Kubaan, Long Semirang, Ba’ Medamot housing and etc.. These activities were conducted in collaboration with the ITTO-supported Project: Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation, Pulong Tau National Park  with the assistance from Samling Company, mainly to assist the Penan communities living in the periphery of the Park. Rehabilitation projects were also carried out to enrich the degraded forests of Ulu Merario in Bario and logged-over areas in Batu Lawi.

Recent activities conducted by CSI unit is building up a suspension bridge across Sg. Engkaramoh, Ulu Engkari, located in the vicinity of Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and environmental awareness  & education program for SMK Batu Kawa.   CSI will also continue with the on-going activities under the ITTO-supported project such as fish culture, tagang system, training on handicraft making and fruit trees/vegetable planting, development of basic facilities etc.

With the confidence and trust given, the CSI Unit will make every effort to help ensure success in achieving the objectives of sustainable forest management of the state.



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