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Guided To Build, Erect Or Maintain Any Building Or Structure For Swiftlets Farming

For Application to Build, Erect or Maintain any Building or Structure for Swiftlets Farming

      Documents to be submitted:-

      - Application Form (click to direct download form)
      - Photostat IC (certified)
      - Working Paper
      - Printout Title & Copy of Land Title
      - Cadastral/Locality Plan
      - Power of Attorney or Letter of Consent (if not the land owner)*
      - Sales of Purchased Agreement*
      - Certificate of Registration*
      - Business Trading Licence*
      - List of names, address, identity card of persons employed in the collection of
        edible birds’ nests

       * if applicable

When all document has been completed, form can be send to
For More Details, Please kindly contact:

Licensing Unit
Nature Conservation and Constitution Division
Forest Department HQ
1st Floor Bangunan Wisma Sumber Alam,
Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya
93660 Kuching

Contact No: 082 - 319228
Fax No: 082 - 441702

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