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The Wild Life (Edible Birds' Nests) Rules 1998

The Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998

The Wild Life (Edible Birds' Nests) Rules, 1998





1.         Citation and commencement.

2.         Interpretation.

3.         Licence for collection.

4.         Sale of edible birds' nests.

5.         Import or export of edible birds' nests

6.         Licensing procedure.

7.         Prohibition against transfers, subletting, etc.

8.         No right to caves.

9.         Details of employees of licensee.

10.       Records.

11.       Directions.

12.       Cancellation and suspension.

13.       Appeal.

14.       Fees.

15.       Existing licence.

16.       Offence and penalty.

First Schedule - Form 1 - Licence to collect/sell edible birds' nests.

Second Schedule - Fees.

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