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Biodiversity Section

The Biodiversity Section focuses on various fundamental research on plants, fungi and insects including ecology, phenology, taxonomy, anatomy and morphology. An important facility under this section is the Sarawak Herbarium, which is one of the main herbaria in Malaysia and it houses over 300,000 voucher plant specimens. Among the oldest and most outstanding specimen is Cyanandrium rufum from family Melastomataceae, collected 127 years ago by Haviland in May 1890. Besides that, there are also a large number of wet and carpological collections, with a total of 1,550 and 3,040 respectively. All data are kept systematically in the Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System (BRAHMS) database. Other facilities under this section include xylarium, fungarium and insectarium which kept various wood, fungi and insect collection from all over Sarawak.


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