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Forest Department Sarawak is committed to total quality as the foundation of its very existence. 

To achieve total quality, Forest Department Sarawak dedicates itself towards continuous improvement in the field of human resources through:

  • Leadership by example 
  • Quality workforce 
  • Healthy work ethic 
  • Customer-driven initiative 
  • Entrepreneurial performance 
  • Continuous learning

Recognizing the forces of change as the key elements in influencing organizational excellence, the Forest Department Sarawak is in constant search for new ideas in scientific innovation in its daily administrative and managerial undertaking.


Core Functions of Forest Department

  1. Management of Forest Resources;
  2. Constitution of Totally Protected Areas (TPAs) and Permanent Forest Estates (PFEs) and
  3. Enforcement of the Ordinances.

Statutory Functions of Forest Department

  1. To constitute any area as Forest Reserves, Protected Forests, Communal Forests, National Parks, Nature Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries;
  2. To issue licences and permits under the Forests Ordinance (Cap.126), National Parks & Nature Reserves Ordinance 1998 and Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998;
  3. To impose and collect royalties, premiums, fees and other payments due to the Government;
  4. To regulate production and export of logs from Sarawak;
  5. To enforce the provisions under the Forests Ordinance (Cap.126), the  National Parks & Nature Reserve Ordinance 1998 and Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998;

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