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Japan-Malaysia Association Tree Planting Activit At Gunong Apeng Forest Reserve, Kuching
Posted on : 10 Jul 2012  Source of News: PRPU


(Kuching: 9-7-2012)  A delegation of 15 people from Japan-Malaysia Association led by Mr.Ogawa Takakazu arrived at Gunong Apeng Forest Reserve, Kuching on 9 July 2012.
The delegation comprised various groups from Japan had done the tree planting. A total of 200 seedlings of Dryobalanops beccarii (Kapur bukit) and Shorea macrophylla ( Engkabang Jantong) were planted .

PictureSr. Assistant Director, Mr. Hii Tow Peck on behalf of Director of Forests officiated at the activity. Among those present were Sr. Officers from Forest Plantation  Division and Japan-Malaysia Association.

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