Capacity Building And Awareness Program


Capacity Building and Awareness Program

To support the forest Industry in SFM and FMC implementation, Forest Department Sarawak organise/conduct trainings for the relevant Staff and FMU holders. The trainings whichever relevant is either conducted by internal expertise or to be outsourced. Available trainings are as follow:

  • Reduced Impact logging Theory and Practical
  • Tree Identification
  • Establishment of Sample Plot
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Identification of High Value Conservation Forest
  • Free Prior Inform Consent (FPIC)

Awareness program on SFM, FMC and Conflict Resolution Guidelines has been carried out since 2019 and it is an ongoing program conducted for the internal staff, FMU Holders and the Local Community.

In addition, Traditional Knowledge Documentation Workshop has been conducted with the collaboration of SBC.


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Last Updated On 23 Jul 2024

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