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International Project UNDP/GEF





The Government of Malaysia with the assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facilities (GEF) had launched an initiative to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the highly significant and fragile ecosystem of tropical peat swamp forests (PSF) in Malaysia. The five-year project was  carried out in three sites, namely the Loagan Bunut National Park (LBNP), Sarawak, the Klias Peninsula, Sabah and the Southeast Pahang Peat Swamp Forest (SEPPSF) in Pahang.


The primary objectives of the project is to develop and implement plans, which encourage processes to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of globally significant genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity within these forests. The expected results of the project should be an adequate establishment of systems and processes for the planning and successful demonstrations of biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization of peat swamp forest resources.


The project in Sarawak was successfully completed on 30th June 2008 with the publication of Loagan Bunut National Park Integrated Management Plan (IMP). Handing over of the project was done by Project Director (FRIM/KL) and received by Sr AD/IAD (Sarawak Forest Department representing Sarawak State Government), witnessed by representative from UNDP/GEF Malaysia. The Sarawak Forest Department is one of the implementing agencies of IMP aat Loagan Bunut National Park. 

The 10-year Integrated Management Plan (IMP) for Loagan Bunut National Park was developed through a collective multi-sectoral planning process, which examined management options for issues both inside and outside the Park.

Fourteen strategies were introduced under the IMP with actions to be taken to implement each of them. The strategies include general enabling strategies intended to improve relations with stakeholders or promote Park interests as well as specific strategies for specific objectives.


Among the activities carried out by Forest Department under the IMP are as follows:

i. Environmental Awareness Programme

Awareness talks were given on the importance of environmental conservation to folks of longhouses in the surrounding areas.


 i. Monitoring of Biodiversity

Monitoring of biodiversity were carried out. Among them are recording of fish landing, flying-fox count, bird survey and natural resources uptake survey as well as visit to community projects around Loagan Bunut National Park.

ii. Inter-Agency Meeting related to IMP

An Inter-Agencies meeting were carried out every year to discussion issues and problems related to the implementation of Loagan bunut National Park IMP..

iii. Community Projects

Numerous community project were carried to reduce the pressure on Loagan Bunut National Park. Among the community projects carried out are:

  • Aquaculture (Rearing of freshwater fish in fish pond)

This project involves the following longhouses:

  1. Rh. Galau (4 cages in one pond measuring 40ft by 40ft each)
  2. Rh. Parking (1 pond measuring 60ft by 80ft)
  3. Rh. Hilary (3 ponds measuring 40ft by 60 ft each)


  • Ecotourism

Projects related to ecotourism such as construction of viewpoint tower and nature trails were carried out.

  • Fruit Trees Project

This project involved three (3) longhouses, namely Rh. Jungan, Rh Meran and Rh, Kajan. Local fruit seedlings were given to the participating longhouse community.

  • Biogas project

The Biogas project uses sewage to generate methane gas for cooking at Rh. Jungan.




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