Reference Collections


Reference Collections

Sarawak is one of the mega diverse regions in the world.

Its vast biodiversity attracts researchers from all over the world to discover and learn about its flora and fauna. Research involving documentation of Sarawak biodiversity has dated way back in 1854 with the arrival of Alfred Russel Wallace.


Forest Department Sarawak started with botanical collections in 1921 and in 1975, Forest Department expand the reference collection with additional on fungi, and entomological collections. Currently, there four main reference collections:

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  1. Herbarium (300,000 voucher plant specimens)
  2. Xylarium (16,000 wood samples) **located at TRTTC
  3. Fungarium (5,000 wet and dry fungi specimens)
  4. Insectarium (500,000 dry and wet insect specimens)

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