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To further supplement the data collected by the Silviculture Research Unit, the Ecology Unit conducts ecosystem studies, biomass production, and applied ecological research which led to the establishment of the 52-hectare plot for the a Long-term Ecological Research Project. This is a collaborative project with Harvard Institute of International Development, U.S.A, Japanese Unversities, and Sarawak Forest Department. The plot was established in late 1990 in Lambir Hills National Park and plot census followed immediately.

Trees ³ 1.0 cm diameter were measured, identified, mapped, numbered and stem identity class were scored for each tree measured. This will help to provide a comparative database. Soil and topographical surveys were done. Phenological observation in the 52-hectare plot and other locations were carried out to make the database more complete. Recensus was carried out in 1997.

The thirteen 0.6 hectare plot established by Dr. Peter Ashton in 1964 in Bako National Park, Lambir Hills National Park, and Bukit Mersing had been measured for seven times at five-year interval. Trees³ 10.0 cm diameter were measured, identified to species level, mapped and numbered. Saplings³ 2.0 cm diameter of all species were measured in randomised transects of 2 x 100 m. Seedlings³ 30 cm height of selected species were measured along the same transect. The four one- hectare plot established by Proctor in 1978 at Mulu National Park had been measured for four times.