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In year 2019, Forest Department Sarawak (FDS) will be celebrating its 100th anniversary since its establishment back in 1919 and many programmes are planned throughout the year for the celebration of this very special occasion. ...

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24 Feb 2019 - Land clearing activities outside and far from Mulu National Park – Sarawak Forest Department


February 24, 2019, Sunday at 12:02 AM

Land clearing activities outside and far from Mulu National Park – Sarawak Forest Department

KUCHING: The Sarawak Forest Department has clarified that its investigations and through satellite images, the land clearing activities in Mulu are conducted outside and far from the Mulu National Park.


In a statement yesterday, the department assured that actions would be taken against any individuals or parties who encroach onto areas classified as Totally Protected Areas (TPA) such as National Park, natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries through existing laws under Section 26 of National Park and Nature Reserve Ordinance 1998.


The department will continue to work closely with Sarawak Forestry Corporation in ensuring all TPAs in Sarawak including Mulu National Park are protected.


The statement also assured that the state government takes the concerns of villagers living around Mulu area seriously so that land clearing activities carried out to make way for large scale oil palm plantation projects do not encroach into their domain or the national park area.

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